Ladies and gentlemen, today it has been confirmed that GiGo has received some sort of retribution. Can you say toilet water in a purifier? I did it! I totally added toilet water to Webbie’s purifier yesterday.  push

How do I feel about it? One would think satisfied, but I don’t think the scurvy son of a bitch has got her fill just yet. She moves out this Saturday, as explained from previous entries, so Webbie is turning into Supercunt. She doesn’t give a rat’s ass about manners or consideration anymore. Nope. She has, as of last week, decided that my recycling doesn’t need to be taken out with everyone else’s. She isn’t even giving me the chance to sleep in on weekends as she slams cabinets in the kitchen in her very own rendition of Stomp (if it’s not the twat above me then it’s the fat bitch and two-faced slag). Heck, if I were in her shoes I would totally be socking it to whoever I felt deserved it. That is why I am also handing her ass to her (or more like mine since the water was from my toilet bowl). FeelsMerry Christmas you filthy animal…and a happy New Year.

As I overheard her helping herself to a lovely glass of purified toilet, I could not help but feel giddy. So many emotions! Indeed, so many feels right now as I type this in the dark at 5a.m. Exactly twelve hours from now, a second contender for my sublet is to arrive. Hopefully this one is interested and takes it. At this point even without a sublease, I am moving out of my apartment graduation day and will continue to advertise even as I am away from the apartment. I can not continue to live in the 9 gates of hell. If I could I wouldn’t even walk on Saturday and be out of this bitch today. Really, I would. But alas, this moment has been anticipated since 1989 so I have to do it. #sadface. Hopefully between now and Saturday I won’t commit suicide.

Grab a napkin homie because you just got served.

                                       -Howard Wolowitz


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