Today I embark on another high seas rant-raving adventure. The topic: My need to be rid of my apartment as I will be graduating in a week. Why does such a topic require a rant you say? Because the very thought of being stuck in this apartment  with Chubbs when I don’t need to be here makes me want to perform a Harakiri. They say you only live once, too bad I have to live it with this bitch. #YOLO


Now I’m told I shouldn’t worry about this as it is end of classes and finals are looming. Logical. I need to waste my energy on more important things. I should be studying as we speak, but am too worked up about not having a sublet and it is already December. As I have explained in previous entries my roommates give me worms. On the plus side, as it has been confirmed, Webbie is moving out the day of my graduation. When I found out:  Happy

One trick down and one trick to go.

We already been over the fact that Webbie annoys the hell out of me. What I haven’t mentioned is her boyfriend, who will also be making himself scarce. Webbie’s boyfriend, “Dusty”, is one of those douchebags who will find anything to be annoyed about or will make fun of. Match made in heaven. Maybe it comes from his past of being the scraggly kid who got pissed on by people who thought they were relevant in high school? Then there was that one time he got mugged, which is why he’s pretty built these days. Almost kind of like a superhero who is made from his experiences. But unlike the Hulk Spider-man this guy isn’t using his powers for the greater good. No, he’s going around being a dick and walking into people’s homes like he fucking owns the place.  BRTkyHe gives off this energy that says someone pissed in his cornflakes. To date I usually avoid Dusty, because it always seems as though Webbie has to grovel to get him to say any kind of greeting. Let’s not forget the fact that when he does visit on the weekends they argue like they are the only ones living in the apartment. FML. As for Chubbs and Andy, I have a splitting headache just thinking about it. I am not very creative today so this entry is going to be short and lame.

We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before the police.

                                                    – Unknown


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