Here I am, at odds about how I feel today. On the one hand there is a sense of liberation. On the other there is a sense of annoyance, almost like when there’s a pesky mosquito that keeps coming in for the kill. The source of these feelings, as you might have guessed, comes from a particular character in my life who I am glad to have given the boot.

This character I will name “Jobly”. A little background on Jobly is that she was a friend I had come to know through some people in my spring language course. She seemed to have a nice spirit, a little different from the judgmental folks that I had to listen to in that class. She loves animals, especially horses, fanfic and watching tons of Supernatural and Teen Wolf. And every now and then she has good one-liners. You go Glen Coco.

Summer rolls around and everyone has split up. Some have gone off to study abroad in Germany, others gone home leaving Jobly and I the only two taking summer courses. Naturally we would hang out and become Thelma and Louise, Lilo and Stitch, Ike and Tina. You get the gist. Fast forward to mid fall semester and I am absolutely, utterly, and certainly annoyed by this Jobly. Let me give you some bullet points:

• Everybody likes talking about or recommending their interests. Jobly takes this to another level. NO! I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT WHY I SHOULD WATCH SUPERNATURAL FOR THE LAST TIME!  Walletintheface

 •  Most people like to observe others. Some stare. I don’t as I find people staring at me unsettling and the reverse to be rude. But then there’s that faction of observers who continue to stare even after their subjects have broken the fourth wall. You know that feeling you get as if you are being watched? It’s probably Jobly.  Rayjdeathstare

• Add to the staring if there’s someone around to hear her observations, she apparently needs to get real close to their face, even after she’s eaten a buttload of onions on her sub. #onionbreath. The wind from her breath makes me feel just so… Windineye

• She routinely gets jelly beans for just about anything. It’s this “everything is made solely for Jobly” motif. If you’re someone who never used to like something she approved of and then one day had a change of heart, BEWARE. You just made her hit list bitch. And in no way is she joking. Think of your little cousin proclaiming “that’s my chair!” as you make your way to some random seat at the dining table. Immature is an understatement. Dying

• Most importantly: Jobly is one of those folks who has that one friend and relies only on that friend to get their kicks. This is probably why her buddy took refuge in Germany. Too bad I found this out later on in our friendship. I really don’t like when someone tries to plan my day out around the errands they have to run. Not apropos. Annoyed

Because of these characteristics, which sadly the girl is quite aware of but is unapologetic about, I have distanced myself from Jobly using my graduation this semester as reason for my absence from social gatherings (which only comprised of her and I). Finally after a month and some weeks of repeated rejections Jobly has done a 180 and is serving up a hot plate of passive aggression. Gosh darn! Just when I thought I could slide out of this situation unscathed. We have a class together you see, and she has declared war by changing from her usual seat to somewhere else indicating we are no longer on speaking terms. Well then…it seems I need to make some corrections to my facebook. Luckily for me there is only one more class left and then the semester is over, so she can suck it.  FU

In life, one should never get too comfortable.

                                         -Fortune Cookie


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